2017 Honda Accord Hybrid Release Dates, Performances, Concepts

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It is back! Honda Accord Hybrid version would be available again on the market. Predictably, it starts later this spring. This new car will come as 2017 Honda accord hybrid which feature new and improved two-motor hybrid systems. Both of them are more powerful and more fuel-efficient than the version of honda accord hybrid 2015.

2017 Honda accord hybrid performances and gas mileages

The powertrain of new accord hybrid is pretty unique. It will use two separate electronic motors, along with ultra-efficient i-VTEC atkinson cycle gas engines. It would make the car known as felxible performer. Alike the others hybrid car, it could go electric-only for short distance. One electric motor will help drive the wheels during normal driving while another one will charge the batteries.

As you need to accelerate quickly, both of electric motors will kick in at once to provide the vehicles a kind of extra power boost. The whole system would work together seamlessly to create confident, smooth driving experiences. With maximum output up to 212 horsepower, 2017 Honda accord hybrid is expected for being most powerful hybrid cars in their class.

Furthermore, on the honda accord hybrid review stated this car is rated at 47 in highway, 49 in city, and 48 combined. This result is according to 2017 EPA mileage rating. Use for comparison purpose only. However, your mileage would vary depending on how you maintain and drive the vehicle, battery pack age or condition, driving condition, and many others factor. It is hard to compare it with the others hybrid, since this car is one of first units to be tested under EPA’s new, stricter standard for 2017. Although on-paper rating doesn’t match up neatly, it is expected for performing much better than 2015 version by 1-2 mpg under real-world condition. With gas price slowly beginning to creep back up, that looks better and much better everyday.

2017 Honda accord hybrid: new concepts

If you are safety-conscious buyers, take note that 2017 honda civic hybrid would come standard with full Honda Sensing suites. Also, it will come with their unique sets of wheels, hybrid-exclusive blue-tinted lightings. Alike 2016 Accord, this car would be available with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. With its upscale cabin, spacious backseats, 2017 Honda accord hybrid promises to be one of most comfortable unit on the market.

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