2018 Honda Accord Release Date, Price, Details

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Finally, the less covered tests mule revealed more about the body of new Accord. This car in general and specifically parts of front end show a plenty of similarities with latest generations of civic model. It is not bad things since new civic unit looks pretty good and type r installment of it even much better. The looks of front end of civic unit and the one which would feature on 2018 Honda accord would be shared trough all line ups of Honda’s vehicle. For 2018 Honda accord concept, the shared elements include new thin headlight which stretch wide from its grilles all up to edge of the hoods, new grille, and also fastback types of rooflines.

2018 Honda accord release date and price

The release dates of new Accord have not been scheduled yet. But it would be definitely presented someday in 2017, possibly in late month. Considering its popularity in States, it possibly will happen at one of North American Auto Show. The Honda accord 2018 price for fully packed accord will be something around $35,000.

2018 Honda accord details

This accord generation will share the chassis with civic unit. It is not really bad thing especially as we consider how good smaller model is. This new platform would be pretty stiffer than before. Also, it offers lower centers of gravities. Beside moving to the new platforms, the size of 2018 Honda accord would increase while the weights would decrease. From most spy shots, this car looks both wider and longer than before and it is probably even lower.

2018 Honda accord: under the hoods

This car would very likely going to create the transitions to the turbocharged powers. It occurs with smaller civic and we all know that Honda opens the factory especially intended for new 2-liter turbocharged engines. The current models make use of either 2.4 inline 4 or the larger one 3.5 liter 2018 Honda accord v6. The hybrid version is available with interesting technologies but moderate result. 2.4-liter engines probably get replaced by 1.5 liter turbo 4 that can generate up to 180 lb ft of the torque and 190 horsepower.

On the others hand, V6 engine 3.5 liter probably will be replaced by 2-liter turbo-4. It can produce 295 lb ft of torque and 310 horsepower. However, it is safe to assume that the production versions on 2018 Honda accord would make closer to 300 horsepower and less torques than that.

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